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                                                                                  Sensory Ooze Tube Set
                                                                                  Standard size ooze tubes with thick gloopy jelly in
                                                                                  blue, pink and green that slowly oozes and spirals to
                                                                                  the bottom. Set of 3. 12cm x 5cm (4.7” x 2”). Set of 3.
       Sensory Liquid Timer Starter Set                                           706-239   3/set      $46.99
       Turn any of these colourful liquid timers upside down and watch the streams or bubbles of liquid cascade
       to show the passage of time, a dynamic that will captivate and fascinate. Set includes 3 Sensory Liquid
       Timers, 4 Sensory Bubble Timers, 4 Sensory Jump Bean Timers, 3 Spiral Tube Timers, 4 Large Sensory
       Bubble Timers, and 3 Sensory Dual Liquid Timers. Set of 21.
       704-319    21/set     $149.99

                                 Sensory Rainbow Cascade
                                 Each tower contains lots of coloured liquid which cascade to the
                                 bottom in droplets at varying speeds, creating a fascinating display.
                                 The cascade is captivating to watch, providing a calm focused
                                 activity for all. Set of 6.
                                 704-791    6/set      $46.99

                                                                                  Sensory Glitter Storm Set
                                                                                  Large cylinders containing gold, silver and blue
                                                                                  glitter in clear liquid. Turn them over to observe the
                                                                                  sensory glitter storm. 14cm x 5cm (5.5” x 2”). Set of 3.
                                                                                  706-238   3/set      $36.99

       Giant Sensory Ooze Tube                                                    Spiral Tube Set
       Turn the tube upright to watch the                                         Turn these colourful tube timers upside down
       jelly liquid ooze to the bottom. A great                                   and watch the fat droplets rolling down the spiral
       sensory resource to fascinate and                                          staircase. Stimulates discovery and concentration
       captivate. 20cm x 8cm (8” x 3”).                                           skills. Measures 15cm x 5cm (5.9” x 2”). Set of 3.
       704-792    Each       $23.99                                               706-232   3/set      $34.99
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