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                                                                Sensory Essentials Kit
                                                                The brain requires exposure to a variety of sensory experiences to remain alert
                                                                and engaged. It is important when starting a sensory activity program to make
                                                                sure you address all of the senses.
                                                                The Sensory Essentials Kit provides a selection of sensory products that
                                                                addresses Touch, Vision, Smell, Hearing, Balance, Pressure, and Vibration. A
                                                                snack or refreshment offered after sensory activities will round out the full
                                                                sensory experience by providing “Taste”).  In addition to stimulating the senses,
                                                                the products included can be used to promote communication skills, sensory
                                                                awareness, hand-eye coordination, fine motor dexterity, and cognitive attention.
                                                                These products are also recommended to calm hyperactivity, and minimize
                                                                perseveration, fidgeting and agitation.
                                                                Contents (may vary):
                                                                3 x Finger Fidgets  1 x Aromashell Electric   1 x Tambourine
                                                                3 x Sensory Bead Balls     Aromatherapy Diffuser 2 x Wristbells
                                                                6 x Puffer Balls  1 x Scotch Pine    1 x Vibrator Mitt
                                                                1 x LED Fibre Optic      Essential Oil 10ml  1 x 3lb Red Weighted Lap
                                                                  Mushroom        1 x Grapefruit Pink      Pad Rectangular
                                                                4 x Large Sensory      Essential Oil 10ml     1 x Sensory Cylinder
                                                                   Bubble Set     2 x Maracas        1 x Peanut Massage Roll
                                                                900-764   Kit        $329.99

                                                                Visual Effects Sensory Bag
       Tactile Sensory Bag                                      The Visual Effects Sensory Bag contains a wide range of effects that provide
       An exciting bag full of tactile sensations to keep your hands busy. Everyone will   dramatic moving colour and altering shapes that will mesmerize and encourage
       enjoy exploring the textures and shapes in this Tactile Sensory Bag – squeeze   the watcher to concentrate on the reward. Ooze Tubes and Glitter Tubes provide
       the Gooey Mesh Balls, fiddle with the Tangle, press the Squidgy Fish, roll the   slow movement while the Jumping Bean Motion is quick and exciting. The
       Hedgehog Balls – lots of fun at your fingertips.         Magnifying Glass, Kaleidoscope and Eye Scopes are all visually stimulating.
       Contents (may vary):                                     Contents (may vary):
       1 x Sensory Bag    5 x Hedgehog Balls  1 x Chinese Loofah  1 x Sensory Bag  1 x Kaleidoscope  3 x Liquid Timers
       1 x Mine Ball      4 x Spiky Massagers  1 x Knitted Sisal Sponge  4 x Jump Bean Motions  3 x Glitter Tubes Dinki  1 x Liquid Timer Set
       2 x Tangle Fuzzy   4 x Gooey Mesh Balls  2 x Massage Rollers  1 x Spiral Tube  1 x Waterfall Twirly Tube  2 x Eye Scope
       2 x Spider Balls   4 x Wriggly Centipedes  6 x Squidgy Sparkle Fish  1 x Multi Liquid Motion  3 x Ooze Tubes  1 x Spiral Glitter Tube
       1 x Squidgy Ball   1 x Japanese Spa  1 x Tactile Animal   1 x Colour Motion  1 x Glitter Tube Large  1 x Wooden Magnifying
       1 x UV Stubby Ball     Sisal Brush     Hedgehog          1 x Light Diffraction Ball  1 x Liquid Cell Timer  Glass
       700-644    Set        $339.99                            700-645   Set        $319.99
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