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       Body Massage Sensory Bag
       The Body Massage Sensory Bag contains a range of brushes, tactile massage
       rings, massagers, and vibration products that will each provide you with many
       tactile sensations to enjoy and experience. Bag measures 45cm x 35cm.
       Contents (may vary):
       1 x Sensory Bag    1 x Dolphin Massager  1 x Sisal Bristle Brush
       2 x Hedgehog Balls  4 x Spiky Massagers  1 x Japanese Spa
       1 x Bobo Massager  2 x Massage Rings     Sisal Brush
       3 x Hand Massagers  1 x Backrest Massager  1 x Chinese Loofah
       4 x Spine Balls    1 x Massage Roller Bar  1 x Long Handled Sisal
       2 x Massage Rollers  1 x Peanut Massage Roll      Bristle Brush
       1 x Massage Roll   1 x Two Wheel     1 x Nail Brush
       1 x Tortoise Massager     Massage Roller
       1 x Octopus Massager  1 x Foot Massager
       700-646    Set        $299.99

       Optical Effect Visual Stimulation Sensory Bag
       Mirrors are very popular, helping individuals to discover themselves and
       become familiar with their own face and expressions. The resources in this
       sensory bag provide a wide range of visual effects including the prism effect
       from the Eye Scopes, a reflective crinkly surface from the Space Blankets,
       magnification from the Wooden Magnifying Glass and see the world with a
       hint of orange, red, yellow or blue through the Colour Shapes. This sensory bag
       builds both ocular and fine motor skills.
       Contents (may vary):
       1 x Sensory Bag    3 x Space Blankets  2 x Eye Scopes
       4 x Magic Mirror   3 x Giant Softie   2 x Glitter Tube Dinki
       1 x Wooden Magnifying      Colour Panels  2 x Glitter Tube Large
          Glass           1 x Water Blocks  2 x Spiral Glitter Tube
       700-643    Set        $339.99

       Fidget Bag
       Finger Fidgets can be useful to aid concentration, tactile stimulation and
       proprioceptive input. This selection of fidgets are ideal for keeping fidgety
       fingers happy and focused on the job in hand.
       Contents (may vary):
       1 x Sensory Bag    3 x Fiddly Fidgets  3 x Hedgehog Balls
       6 x Bendy Men      5 x Finger Colour Mats  1 x Mondo Ultimate
       3 x Tactile Animals  1 x Tangle Textured     Spaghetti Ball
       2 x Koosh Balls    1 x Jump Bean Motion
       4 x Spine Balls    3 x Glitter Tube Dinki
       700-838    Set        $379.99
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