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       Interactive Light Source
       The Interactive Light Source auto cycles
       through a rainbow of colours. Features a pause
       button on the back to stop on a single colour,
       or use with the compatible Wireless Switch or
       Interactive Soft Play Cube. Fibre Optic Harness
       sold separately.
       706-366    Each      $519.99

       Fibre Optic Harnesses
       Interactive Light Source sold separately
       separately on this page (706-366).
       706-367    100 x 1m   $309.99
       706-368    150 x 1m   $364.99
       706-369    150 x 2m   $519.99
       706-370    150 x 3m   $624.99
       706-371    200 x 3m   $779.99

        Interactive Light Source
        with Fibre Optic Harness
        The fibre optic colour changes encourage   Interactive          Interactive
        the focusing of attention and are useful                        Soft Play Cube
        for the partially sighted as they provide   Fibre Optic Set
        visual stimulation. Set includes the   This set includes the Interactive Light   Multi-coloured soft play
        Interactive Light Source and a 100 x 1m   Source, 100 x 1m Fibre Optic Harness   cube switch. Throw the cube,
        Fibre Optic Harness.          and a Wireless Switch.            whichever side lands upright
                                                                        dictates the colour of the fibre
        900-760   Set        $729.99  900-758    Set        $1,349.99   optics. Features 6 colour sides.
                                                                        Foam cube encased in a reinforced
                                                                        vinyl cover. 20m range. 25cm (9.8")
              LASER TWILIGHT PROJECTOR                                  cube. Works only with the Interactive Light
                                                                        Source on this page (706-366).
                                                                        706-365    Each       $624.99
                                    Laser Twilight Projector
                                    All new laser and holographic technology
                                    transforms the largest or smallest room
                                    into your own animated galaxy comprising
                                    thousands of stars (including shooting
                                    stars), with or without cloud formations.
                                    The Star Laser Twilight Projector creates a
                                    truly breathtaking light show experience,
                                    yet requires no set up – just plug in   Wireless Switch
                                    and turn on. Fully adjustable with two   Press any button to change the colour
                                    built-in precision glass lenses. AC adapter   of the fibre optics. Features 8 colour buttons. 20m
                                    included. 25cm L x 22cm W x 27cm H   range. Rechargeable. Works only with the Interactive
                                    (9.5" L x 8.6" W x 10.6" H).        Light Source on this page (706-366).
                                    700-290    Each       $269.99       706-364    Each       $624.99

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