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                                             Solar 100 LED Projector              Oasis LED Projector Bundle
        Solar 250 LED Projector              The Solar 100 LED is a small, quiet, safe and   Includes one Oasis LED projector, 3 plastic 6” effect
        The Solar 250 features LED technology and external   economical effects projector. This projector has   wheels of your choice and a wheel rotator. No
        control of the light and motors, via 1/4” jack plug   been designed specifically for multi-sensory effects   bulb to change. Extra wheels sold separately. Glass
        inputs, for buttons or remotes. The light for this   projection in smaller therapy rooms. The light for the   wheels are not available for this bundle, may be
        projector is supplied by 2,000 lumen energy   Solar 100 LED is supplied by a 1,400 lumen energy   purchased separately.
        efficient 40W LED module that lasts for over   efficient 20W LED module that lasts for over 100,000
        100,000 hours with a high colour temperature,   hours with a high colour temperature, concentrated   700-239  Set  $1,799.99
        concentrated though this unique optical system, for   through the unique optical system, for truer colour   Oasis LED Projector
        truer colour projection and image clarity. Projector   projection and better image clarity. Projector and
        and wall mount stand only, does not include wheel   wall mount stand only, does not include wheel   With almost no noise and no bulb to change, the
        rotator or effect wheel (sold separately). 3 year   rotator or effect wheel (sold separately). 3 year   Oasis LED Projector is ideal for a small sensory
        limited manufacturer warranty. 37cm L (without   limited manufacturer warranty. 22cm L (without   area. Compatible with our full range of projection
        lens) x 13cm W x 10cm D (14” L (without lens) x 5” W   lens) x 13cm W x 8cm D (8.5” L (without lens) x 5” W x   accessories and effect wheels, the projector
        x 4” D). 23cm (9”) deep with hanging bracket.  3” D). 27cm (10.5”) deep with hanging bracket.  produces minimal heat and is ideal to use on a
                                                                                  table top. Requires wheel rotator and effect wheel
        702-987   Each       $1,399.99       702-986   Each       $1,199.99       for operation (sold separately).
                                                                                  700-352   Each       $1,299.99
              SOLAR LED PROJECTOR ACCESSORIES                                     Oasis LED 6" Effect Wheel
          Effect Wheel Rotators                                                   The 6” Effect Wheel Rotator fits the Oasis LED
                                                                                  Projector only (700-352).
          The 1/2 rpm Active Gate Wheel Rotator is now manufactured with an Active Gate   700-361   1/2 rpm   $169.99
          fitment which means no more cables! Simply slide the rotator into the projector as
          before without having to plug it in. Rotators fit into any new Solar LED projector and
          are recommended for use with our 6" Effect Wheels. Fits the Solar 250 LED Projector
          (702-987) and Solar 100 LED (702-986) only.
                                              Solar LED 6"
          Solar LED Magnetic 6”               Effect Wheel Rotator
          Effect Wheel Rotator                To use Magnetic Effect Wheels
          To use this Rotator with an old     with this rotator the Magnetic
          style projector the Connection      Wheel Rotator Adapter
          Cable (750-026) is needed.          (750-024) is required.
          750-025    1/2 rpm   $189.99        704-368   1/2 rpm    $174.99

          Magnetic Wheel Rotator Adapter
          Turn an existing "spindle drive" Wheel Rotator into a Magnetic Wheel Rotator with
          this Adaptor. The Magnetic Wheel Adaptor fits onto the spindle of any Wheel Rotator
          for use with any 6" Magnetic Effect Wheels.
          750-024    Each       $24.99

          Effect Wheel Rotator Connector Cable                                    Aura LED Projector
          All new Wheel Rotators are now manufactured with an Active Gate fitment making them   The Aura LED Projector is a compact
          wireless. This Connector Cable will allow you to use the Solar LED Magnetic 6" Effect   projector for your sensory environment. This
          Wheel Rotator with an old style projector. The Connector Cable plugs into the back of the   projector features a built-in Wheel Rotator
          Wheel Rotator which then allows you to plug into the side of an old style projector.  and includes 1 Liquid Magnetic Effect Wheel.
          750-026    Each       $18.99                                            704-371   Each       $479.99

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