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        Therapeutic CDs
        Paced at 60 beats per minute, familiar
        melodies from distinct musical genres
        are warmly played and sung to stimulate
        memories and meaning and to provide
        reassurance and comfort. Recommended
        tool for the caregiver’s music care kit. Each
        CD is one hour of play.
        702-315   Broadway Melodies
        702-308   Celtic Whisperings
        702-311   Classic Comfort
        702-313   Country Road                                 Boom Box Cassette/CD/AM/FM/USB Media Player
        702-316   Forever Love                                 This portable boom box plays what today's media demands including MP3 files
        702-307   Gentle Waters                                on CD or USB memory, audio CDs, cassette tapes and AM/FM radio. An exclusive
        702-317   Healing Light                                set of six 1/8'' headphone jacks located on the back of the box make it an
        702-309   Hugs & Kisses                                excellent choice for listening centre use. It is designed and built to withstand the
                                                               rigors of everyday use while providing high quality sound. 1 year warranty.
        702-314   Old Chestnuts
        702-312   Peaceful Presence                            703-345    Each       $159.99
        702-306   Spirit Wings
        702-310   Warm Breezes
        Each      $19.99

        Therapeutic DVDs
        Collection of beautiful images accompanied by the gentle music of Room
        217. This dual sensory stimulation, paced at a slower speed tempo provides
        an opportunity for pleasure, reminiscence, storytelling, conversations,
        comfort and relaxation. Recollections may be used in dementia, palliative,
        supportive and end of life care, waiting and treatment rooms and hospital
        quiet channels. Each DVD is 1 hour in length.
        702-318   Recollections 1
        702-319   Recollections 2
        702-320   Recollections 3
        Each      $24.99

       Personal Stereo Headphone
       This personal headphone features leatherette
       ear cushions and in-line volume control. The
       lightweight, on-ear design allows for all-day            Ribbon Wands
       comfort and easy compact storage. Features               Set of 6 Ribbon Wands in assorted
       3.5mm stereo jacketed plug, and 1.8m (6’) cord           colours. Each wand features 2 ribbons.
       chew-resistant, braided nylon cord. Sized for            Handle measures 23cm (9”) L. Ribbons
       children to adults. 1 year warranty.                     measure 1.8m L X 2.5cm W (71” L X 1” W).
       703-757    Each       $17.99                             704-064    6/set     $19.99
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