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                   FIBRE  OPTICS

                                                          Bamboo Fibre Optic Sideglow
    UV Jumbo Fibre Optic Sideglow                         Combining both visual and tactile stimulation, the Bamboo Fibre

    UV Jumbo Fibre Optic Sideglow has all the features of the   Optic Sideglow not only provides you with all the features of a
    Jumbo Fibre Optic Sideglow with the added benefit of   standard Fibre Optic Sideglow but also provides you with an added
    glowing furiously when used in conjunction with a UV light   tactile experience as each individual strand is shaped like bamboo.
    for added visual stimulation. Requires a Light Source (sold   A lightsource is required (sold separately).
    separately). 15 Strand x 2m x 8mm thick.              703-851     1m x 20 strand        $1,149.99
    700-437  Each           $999.99                       703-852     2m x 15 strand        $1,149.99

    Fibre Optic Light Source Seat
    An ingenious way to cover the light source. Place     Fibre Optic UV Sparkleflex Sideglow
    the seat over the light source and thread the fibres
    through the ready-made hole. Enables clients to sit   A spray of acrylic fibres which constantly change colour along
    down close to the fibres in comfort. Unsuitable for light   their full length just like a standard Fibre Optic Sideglow, with the
    sources above 50 watts. Also available with a 2m Fibre   added enjoyment of the strands glowing furiously when used in
    Optic Sideglow and Light source. Light source seat    conjunction with a UV light. Safe to handle. The constant colour
    is available in the following colours: Black, Dark Blue,   changes encourage the focusing of attention and are particularly
    Dark Green, Light Blue, Light Green, Lime Green, Ocean   useful for the partially sighted as they provide visual stimulation.
    Blue, Pink, Purple, Red, Vanilla, White, and Yellow.  Requires a Light Source (sold separately).
    700-354  Seat Only                   $499.99          700-311     100 Strand x 1m Harness Only        $899.99
    700-355     Seat with Light                           700-312     100 Strand x 2m Harness Only  $1,099.99
                Source & Sideglow      $2,299.99          700-313     100 Strand x 3m Harness Only  $1,399.99

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