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             Create the ultimate environment for                                      SENSORY ROOM SET-UP

                   relaxation, or stimulation!

        Sensory Room Package

        Turn any space into an interactive
        multi-sensory environment with
        the Sensory Room Package.
        Featuring the bestselling LED
        Infinity Tunnel, providing a
        never-ending tunnel of coloured
        lights, the Moodlight with
        4 vibrant squares of light, a
        cascade  of fibre optics and a 1.5
        metre Bubble  Tube and Mirror.
        The clever design  also provides
        seating and storage  for your
        additional sensory resources and
        can be manufactured in any one
        of our 13 soft play colours. The
        LED Interactive Infinity Tunnel
        offers users total control over
        a never-ending tunnel of ever-
        changing coloured LED lights,
        using switches to effect lighting changes in the tunnel. For use by up to 4 pupils, each with their own switch, the LED Interactive
        Infinity Tunnel encourages awareness and develops communication skills. Operate 15 different programmes: Automatic sequence
        with speed control • Manual sequence • 4-colour build up • Momentary: single colour • Latched: single colour • Latched: build-up
        • Momentary: build-up • Automatic sequence with speed control 2 colours at one time • Manual sequence: forward and reverse
        • Momentary: full colour • 2-switch reward • 2 LED manual sequence • 3 LED manual sequence • 3 LED automatic sequence with
        speed control • Automatic sequence: colour cycle with speed control. Package Includes 4 x Slimline Switches; operates on 240v. The
        Interactive Moodlight illuminates with 4 vibrant squares of light which can operate independently or together to create a stunning
        range of different colour combinations. With 3 modes of operation: Automatic, Sound Responsive and Switch Controlled the
        Interactive Moodlight is a strong, versatile visual tool creating many different moods in your multi-sensory environment; operates on
        240v. The Standard Bubble Tube (1.5m) provides a gentle colour change through the column of effervescent water. Touch the tube
        and feel the vibration of the bubbles; operates on 240v transformed to 12v. Fibre Optics - a spray of acrylic fibres which constantly
        change colour encouraging the focusing of attention, particularly useful for the partially sighted as they provide visual stimulation.
        Using the latest in LED technology the Light Source provides a shimmering twinkle of vibrant light along the full length of the Fibre
        Optic Sideglow.
        703-847  Set         $15,999.99

        Galaxy Sensory Partition

        A double-sided white laminate partition with
        cosmic motifs for developing motor skills
        and imagination.  It consists of 3 functional
        modules: matching elements and materials,
        threading a string, tracking a shooting star. The
        smooth surface is ideal for dry-erase markers.
        68cm x 170cm x 39cm (27” x 67” x 15”).
        706-044  3/set     $519.99

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