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                                                                                      SENSORY ROOM SET-UP
        Multi-Sensory Den

        The Multi-Sensory Den
        opens up quickly and
        simply to create a perfect
        environment for putting
        any of your Multi-Sensory                                      Sensory
        equipment inside. Ideal
        for one-to-one or group                                        Centre 1
        sensory work, the interior is                                  Ideal for use
        95% black out when the Velcro door is                          in any multi-
        closed, so you can create your own Dark UV Room                sensory room
        as well. The drop-down Multi-Sensory Den is truly portable when   or darkened
        packed away in its wheeled carry bag. Contents include: Den, Den   environment.
        Frame and Carry Bag. Den Size: 250cm square. Wheeled carry bag   The Centre has
        size: 160cm L x 40cm W x 40cm H. This picture is for illustration   three sensory
        purposes only and the contents are not included with the Den. For   equipment which are activated by pressing their own
        the Den and contents please see product code 700-347 – Genie   colourful switches. Three jack sockets allow you to
        Sensory Package.                                               use your favourite switch. Acrylic mirrors enhance the
        700-348  Each         $2,099.99                                sensory effects and the black carpet platform is tactile
                                                                       and warm to the touch. Contents: Bubble Tube – 65cm
        Genie Sensory Package                                          H, Fibre Optic Sideglow and Light Source – 100cm L,
                                                                       UV Light – 30cm W, Set of UV Linelite Tubing, UV Magic
        The Genie Sensory Package includes a Multi-Sensory Den and     Rods and UV Coloured Shapes.
        a popular selection of Sensory equipment and appropriate       700-315    Set        $4,999.99
        fitted soft play floor padding. The Genie Range includes the
        following equipment: 1 x Multi-Sensory Den - 250cm square,
        1 x Set of Fitted soft play Floor Pads, 1 x Interactive Battery
        Bubble Tube, 1 x Effects Projector, 1 x Wheel Rotator and
        Effect Wheel, 1 x 3m Fibre Optic Sideglow and Light Source,
        1 x 20cm Mirror Ball, 1 x Mirror Ball Rotator, 1 x Spotlight,
        4 Colour Discs, 4 x Slimline Switches, 2 x Extension Power
        Cords, 1 x Set of soft play Carrier Bags, 1 x Wheeled Sensory
        Equipment Box, 1 x Set of Instructions. All the equipment
        comes with carrier bags and a wheeled sensory box.
        700-347     Set      $11,999.99

        Relaxation Trolley

        This trolley is designed to store and
        transport essential equipment, making                          Ripple Light & 8 Way Switch
        it easy to transform a small space into
        a multi-sensory environment.  The                              An LED Spotlight that projects a colourful display of
        trolley can be wheeled into treatment                          rippling lights which can be used as water, fire or cloud
        rooms to provide a distraction, used in                        effects. A full range of ripple effects are controlled
        a relaxation environment for many to                           with the supplied 8-Way Wireless Rechargeable Switch
        enjoy or used on an individual basis. All                      - simply press any one of the switches for a different
        items on the trolley can be switched on                        effect: Switch 1 - Orange slow ripple, Switch 2 - Orange
        and off via the 3-way switch. Includes                         fast ripple, Switch 3 - Yellow slow ripple, Switch 4 - Blue
        1 x Trolley, 1 x Portable Bubble Tube, 1                       slow ripple, Switch 5 - Blue fast ripple, Switch 6 - White
        x Fibre Optic Sideglow (150 strands), 1                        medium ripple, Switch 7 - All colours ripple, Switch 8 –
        x LED Light Source, 1 x Oasis Projector,                       Off.  The 8-way switch can also be used in conjunction
        1 x Wheel Rotator, 1 x Liquid Effect                           with any favourite switch - simply plug into the 6.3mm
        Wheel, 3 x Plastic Effect Wheels (choose                       jack socket on the rear. The Ripple Light is mains
        any 3 from Transportation, Fish, Shapes,                       powered with a small control box and can be wall - or
        Space, Seaside, Planets, Fireworks, or                         ceiling - mounted with the supplied bracket.  Measures
        Deep Sea).                                                     20cm x 25cm x 25cm ( 8” x 10” x 10”).
        703-862  Set          $6,499.99                                750-058  Set          $1,799.99

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