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1.8m LED Light Column                                                         MULTI-SENSORY

        Our Light Column features 16 colour and                                          EQUIPMENT
        effect modes. Choose a specific mode or
        cycle through all of them automatically. The                                     BUBBLE TUBES &
        intervals can be adjusted from 2 seconds
        to 30 minutes. Effects feature light bubbles                                       ACCESSORIES
        travelling upwards, vertical rainbows and
        stripes, sound responsive features, and more.
        706-372     Unit      $2,599.99
        1.8m LED Light Column
        with Wireless Switch                                     Interactive Soft Play Cube

        900-759     Set       $3,099.99                          Multi-coloured Soft Play Cube switch.
        Wireless Switch                                          Throw the cube, whichever side lands
                                                                 upright dictates the colour of the
        Press any button to change the                           fibre optics. Features 6 colour sides.
        colour of fibre optics. Features                         Foam cube encased in a reinforced
        8 colour buttons. 20m range.                             vinyl cover. 20m range. 25cm cube.
        Rechargeable. Works with the                             Works with the Interactive Bubble
        Interactive Bubble Tubes (706-362 and 706-               Tubes (706-362 and 706-363) on
        363) on page 4, LED Light Column (706-372)               page 4, LED Light Column (706-372)
        on this page, and Interactive Light Source               on this page, and Interactive Light
        (706-366) on page 7.                                     Source (706-366) on page 7.
        706-364  Each         $624.99                            706-365    Each       $624.99

        Bubble Tube Additive                 Colourful Bubble

        The regular use of BCB Liquid helps   Tube Fish Set
        minimize the build-up of bacteria and                                        Floating Fish Aquarium
        algae in the water of the bubble tube.   A set of 12 colourful fish that rise to the
        The chemical will also maximize the   top of your Bubble Tube in the stream   Turn the aquarium upside down to
        water quality and clarity in the bubble   of bubbles and then gently float back to   make the colourful fish dance. Calms,
        tube. BCB Liquid should be added     the bottom to start their journey again.   focuses and promotes fine motor skills.
        to the water of a bubble tube once a   Visually captivating and ideal for tracking.  Size: 15cm H.
        month or immediately after a water   750-049  12/set          $69.99         750-050  Each            $20.99
        change at the rate of 20ml per metre of
        column length. Measurements based
        on 15cm diameter bubble tube. 1L.
        700-340  Each           $109.99
                                                                Wall Fixing Bracket
        Bubble Tube Pump                                        We recommend the use of a Wall

        An industrial quality bubble tube                       Fixing Bracket to be fitted to your
        pump enables users to empty the                         bubble tube for greater stability. Fits
        bubble tube with ease. Comes                            Standard, Interactive, and Wire-Free
        complete with 4m tubing.                                Interactive Bubble Tubes on page 4.
        700-395  Set          $199.99                           700-394  Each           $169.99

                                          Always use distilled water in bubble tubes.

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