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         Simply wood

     The word heuristic derives from the Greek word “eureka” meaning “I discover” and describes an intuitive way of meeting challenges and solving problems.
     Our range of wooden heuristic play resources provides an opportunity to capitalize on childrens’ curiosity about the objects that make up the world around
     them and provides valuable opportunities for extending learning. The open-ended nature of heuristic play encourages children to explore and investigate in
     their own way, applying their own creative ideas and building on their own experiences.

                                                                  Heuristic Play Basic Set

                                                                  Contains 1 each of the following: 5cm ball, 6cm ball, 4cm wheel, 5cm
                                                                  wheel, 4cm cube, 5cm cube, 6.3cm egg cup, 7cm egg cup, 7cm bowl,
                                                                  9.2cm bowl, 4.8cm ring, 5.6cm ring, 7cm ring, napkin ring, semisphere,
     Heuristic Play Starter Pack                                  disc, barrel, conical figure, spool and onion top. A drawstring bag
                                                                  (38cm x 42cm) and guidance notes included. Ages 10 months+.
     Includes 10 rings (7cm), 10 rings (4.8cm), 6 cubes (4cm), 10 egg cups,   706-771  Set  $56.99
     10 spools, 10 balls (5cm), 3 bowls (7cm), 3 bowls (9.2cm) and 1 ring
     stand base. A drawstring bag 38cm x 42cm (15” x 16”) and guidance
     notes. Ages 10 months+.
     706-770     Set        $144.99                               Cork Stoppers
                                                                  Ideal for model building, sorting, counting,
                                                                  stacking and more. 100% natural and
                                                                  recyclable, versatile, premium quality. 40
                                                                  cork stoppers in 5 assorted sizes. Not
                                                                  intended for drink bottles or food use.
                                                                  706-422      40/pack    $8.99
     Wood Balls
     Assorted sizes. Pack of 48.
     706-424     48/pack     $22.99

     Bowls                                                        Wood Sorting Box
     This set contains 3 medium sized smooth                      Solid wood, 8-sectioned box. 13.25” L x 7.875” W x 2.25” H.
     wooden bowls. 9.2cm diameter (3.6”). Pack                    Craft supplies not included. Ages 3+.
     of 3. Ages 10 months+.                                       706-426      Each        $32.99
     706-772     3/set       $27.99

    Wooden Eggs                                                   Wood Spools
    Pack of 12.                                                   Set of 72 assorted wooden spools.
    706-425      12/pack     $20.99                               707-183      72/pack     $22.99

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