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Sorting, Storing & Transporting

                                                               Natural Sorting Stones

                                                               This smooth set of 12 tactile stones has been created to inspire children’s
                                                               natural curiosity as they explore and sort. Older children will enjoy sorting
                                                               by colour, ordering by size, stacking and matching while younger hands will
                                                               simply like to hold and experience the different sizes and weights the set
                                                               offers. Natural Sorting Stones are ideal for treasure baskets and sensory
                                                               play activities but are also durable for use in sand, water and outdoors.
                                                               Each set includes 12 stones in 3 different sizes and 4 colours. The largest
                                                               stone measures 8cm (3”) and the smallest measures 6cm (2.4”).
                                                               704-237      12/set      $29.99

     Stackable Translucent Buttons

     Buttons are versatile and enable children to develop learning skills
     in counting, sorting, pattern-making, geometry, attributes, threading,
     language, and creative construction. Set of mixed shape buttons in 6
     colours with 1, 3 or 5 holes in the centre. Ideal for sorting and counting
     activities, or for developing fine motor skills by stacking or threading
     with the laces. 144 piece set including 12 laces. Buttons size measures
     approx. 4.5cm (1.7”). Includes storage container. Ages 3+.  Two-Tone Counting Stones
     706-779     144/set     $36.99                            This inviting set of 20 double-sided stones is ideal for counting, pattern
                                                               making, number bonds and sorting activities. These durable two-colour
                                                               counters, can be used both indoors and outside, and in water and sand.
                                                               They are ideal for use alongside the 10-Frame Tray, which supports
                                                               additional activities such as sequencing and an understanding of
                                                               number bonds to 10. Contains 20 stones measuring 4cm (1.75”). Ages 2+.
                                                               706-546      20/set      $39.99

     Wooden Frame Trays

     A wonderful resource to help children explore, learn and practice number
     bonds to 5 or 10 in a fun and meaningful way using real objects that attract
     their interest. The tray is both practical and portable – children can use the
     tray to collect items both inside and outside the setting – and carry them
     back safely for future learning opportunities. Two-Tone Counting Stones
     (706-546) not included. Ages 2+.
     5-Frame Tray                                              Natural Sorting Tray
     38cm x 8cm x 2cm (15” x 3” x 0.9”).                       This attractive wooden tray is designed to encourage all sorts of sorting!
     706-727     Each        $22.99                            Made from sustainably sourced beech wood, the 9 sections arranged in a
                                                               3 x 3 array are perfect to help children sort according to particular criteria
     10-Frame Tray                                             such as size, shape, number, colour or pattern. Equally, it offers plenty of
                                                               opportunity for more open-ended investigations. Two-Tone Counting Stones
     38cm x 15cm x 2cm (15” x 6.” x 0.9”).                     (706-546) not included. 23cm x 23cm x 1cm (9” x 9” x 0.5”). Ages 2+.
     706-726     Each        $39.99                            706-729      Each        $39.99

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