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Sorting, Storing & Transporting

                                            Shallow Bin

                                            8cm (3”) deep. 32cm L x 43cm W x 8cm H
                                            (12.5” L x 17” W x 3” H). Accessories not included.
                                            512-068      Each        $13.99        Coloured & Clear Bins
     Classroom Storage Bins                                                        Available in Blue, Green, Red, Yellow or Clear.
     These 15L storage bins are the ultimate                                       20cm x 29cm x 14cm (8” L x 11.5” W x 5.5” H).
     companion for your bookshelf or cubby. The easy
     to grip handles are perfectly sized for big and   Economy Clear               Colours
     small hands. They are made of impact resistant   Buckets Set
     plastic and come in wonderfully bright colours.                               621-141BLU       Blue
     Use them to organize your room and store all your   Clear buckets with carry   621-141GRN      Green
     supplies. Inside of the bin is 28cm L (11” L) to   handles for mold making    621-141RED       Red
     hold letter sized paper. Set of 6. 35cm L x 29cm   and for small world play.
     W x 20cm H (13.625” L x 11.25” W x 7.87” H). Craft   Being clear, sand and    621-141YLW       Yellow
     supplies not included.                 water can easily be seen to
                                            show proportion and volume. 18cm D x 16cm H    Each     $9.99
     706-410     Blue                       (7” D x 6.3” H). Set of 8. Ages 18 months+.
     706-413     Green                      706-773      8/set       $20.99        Clear
     706-411     Red
     706-412     Yellow                                                            560-103          Each        $15.99
     706-414     Assorted Colours                                                  560-103-10       10/pack    $149.99
     6/set       $59.99

                                            Tall Round Plastic Woven
                                            Baskets With Lids                      Stackable Bins With Lids

     Round Assorted Size Plastic            Set of 3 round plastic woven baskets with lids.   Set of 3 coloured bins - green, orange and pink.
                                            Baskets measure 20cm diam x 18cm H, 24cm
     Woven Basket                           diam x 20cm H, 29cm diam x 22cm H (7.9” diam x   Storage bins measure 32cm L x 26cm W x 10cm H
                                            7” H, 9.5” diam x 7.9” H, 11.4” diam x 8.7” H).  (12.5” L x 10.25” W x 4” H).
     Set of 3 round plastic woven baskets. Baskets
     measure 20cm diam x 8cm H, 26 diam x 10cm H,   707-066  3/set  $44.99         900-742          3/set       $29.99
     30cm diam x 12cm H (7.9” diam x 3” H, 10.25” diam
     x 4” H, 11.75” diam x 4.75” H).
     707-065     3/set        $19.99

                                            Plastic Woven Baskets                  Plastic Woven Baskets
     Round Plastic Woven Baskets            Set of 3 different sized plastic woven baskets.   Rectangular, plastic woven baskets. Each basket
                                            Baskets measure 23cm L x 15cm W x 10cm H (9”
     Circular, plastic woven baskets. 27cm diameter   L x 6” W x 4” H), 28cm L x 18cm W x 13cm H (11”   measures 28cm L x 18cm W x 13cm H (11” L x 7”
     x 12cm H (10.5” diameter x 4.75” H). Accessories   L x 7” W x 5” H), and 28cm L x 23cm W x 20cm H   W x 5” H). Accessories not included.
     not included.                          (11” L x 9” W x 7.75” H).              703-170          Each         $11.99
     706-185     3/set       $39.99         703-434      3/set       $46.99        703-170-03       3/set       $34.99

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