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Sorting, Storing & Transporting

                                             Jumbo Tweezers
                                             The key to fine motor skills is developing   Sorting Bowls & Tweezers Set
                                             the thumb-forefinger pincer grasp. Use
                                             with manipulatives or other small objects.   Colourful sorting bowls and tweezers are ideal for
                                             Perfect for teachers, specialists and   all counting and sorting activities. The tweezers
                                             occupational therapists. Set of 12 tweezers   are easy for small hands to use, and improve
    Gator Grabber Tweezers                   in 6 colours, stores in resealable bucket.   fine motor skills. Sorting bowls measure 13cm
                                             Tweezers measure 15cm (6”) long. Ages 5+.  (5”) diameter and 4cm (2”) depth with 6 colours.
    Sized for little hands and great for developing                                Tweezers are 12cm (4.5”) long with 6 colours.
    the pincer grip. Working on fine motor skills is   702-622  12/set  $16.99
    fun when children get to use the alligator to grip                             704-963      Set         $16.99
    objects. Includes 12 tweezers in 6 colours in a
    plastic storage container. 10cm (4") L. Ages 2+.
    703-608      12/set      $16.99

                                             Plastic Craft Bowls
                                             Can be used to collect, display, organize,
                                             sort and more. Ideal for open ended
                                             discovery. Dishwasher safe. 6 bowls, 5cm
                                             x 15cm (2” x 6”). Accessories not included.
                                             505-269     6/set         $9.99
    Handy Scoopers
    These unique tools are a handy way to build
    the muscles needed for scissor cutting. Tools                                  Craft Cups
    feature translucent scoops and easy to grip
    handles for developing fine motor skills. Holes                                Perfect for sorting, transporting and
    in the scoops allow for catch-and-release fun                                  inspiring open ended exploration and
    during water play. Set includes 4 scoopers in                                  manipulation of various items. 100 paper
    assorted colours. 15cm (6") L. Ages 3+.                                        cups. Craft supplies not included. Ages 3+.
    703-609      4/set       $19.99                                                706-906      100/pack    $26.99

                                             Connecting Pots
                                             These pots can interlock in a straight line or in   Pencil Trays Set
     Nesting Cups                            a semi-circle, making a wonderful playing area!   Set of 5 trays in assorted colours. Trays interlock
                                             Includes 6 different coloured pots. Use these
                                                                                   for custom configuration. Each measures 23cm
     This set of 9 cups can be stacked or nested. Full   pots to display various items as an invitation to   x 8cm x 5cm (9.25” x 3” x 1.9”). Craft supplies not
     stack is 36cm (14”) tall.               play and create. Accessories not included.  included.
     703-153     9/set        $11.99         706-745     6/set       $19.99        706-407      5/set        $5.99

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