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Sorting, Storing &                            Designing a Child Care Centre
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         12     nature based
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                                                                                              needs and provide
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         14     odds & ends                                                                  the most out of your
                                                                                            classroom space, while
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            Heuristic Play Basic Set
            Contains 1 each of the following: 5cm ball, 6cm ball, 4cm wheel,
            5cm wheel, 4cm cube, 5cm cube, 6.3cm egg cup, 7cm egg cup, 7cm
            bowl, 9.2cm bowl, 4.8cm ring, 5.6cm ring, 7cm ring, napkin ring,                         $56.99
            semisphere, disc, barrel, conical figure, spool and onion top.
            A drawstring bag (38cm x 42cm) and guidance notes included.
            Ages 10 months+.
            706-771      Set

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