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Sorting, Storing & Transporting

     Loose Parts Introduction

     Many experts agree that loose parts in a child’s environment
     will empower creativity, inspire imagination and encourage
     problem solving and exploration.

     Loose parts are materials that can be moved, carried,
     combined, redesigned, lined up and taken apart
     and put back together in multiple ways. Loose
     parts are open-ended materials.  There is

     no set of specific directions for their use.
     The child is the director!

         Alphabet Pebbles
         Appealing to children’s natural instinct to explore, investigate, sort
         and collect. Alphabet Pebbles offer an original and playful way to
         introduce young children to letters in a wide variety of contexts.
         Specially cast from a durable mix including real stone, they are
         ideal for use in sand and water — indoors and out! Big enough for
         the smallest child to handle safely, each pebble is engraved and
         hand-painted with a letter. Each set contains 26 pebbles (one for
         each letter of the alphabet) in a handy storage jar. Ages 3+.  Crystal Bead Blocks
         702-606      Uppercase                                     This set of 8 blocks includes 4 rectangle and 4 half moon
         702-605      Lowercase                                     shapes. Features acrylic inner with coloured beads. Ages 2+.
         26/set       $39.99                                        702-727      8/set       $46.99

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